The Ten Commandments-Exodus 19:1-25, 20:1-21, 24:12

Theme: God gives us boundaries

Verse: John 13:34- “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

Bible Story:

          “Rachel, get out every last stain,” Mother said. “It must be sparkling clean.”

          “I’m trying! I’m trying!” Rachel scrubbed her tunic until her knuckles hurt.

          Everyone in camp was doing laundry because tomorrow God was coming to visit. God had told Moses to tell them to have a bath and have clean clothes.

          Rachel was so excited. Sometimes she wondered if Moses had just made up what God said. Sometimes Rachel wondered if there was a God at all. But tomorrow they would know for sure.

          When Rachel finished washing her tunic to Mother’s satisfaction and it was drying in the hot sun, Mother said she could play with her friends.  They played tag. Rachel was a fast runner, and she knew she could win…until Eli joined the game. Eli was older and had long legs and could outrun her.

          When Eli was IT, Rachel took off with Eli right behind. She looked over her shoulder. Eli grew closer and closer.

          Suddenly a man yelled, “Stop, Rachel!”

          Rachel screeched to a halt. A man was laying stones in a line around the base of Mt. Sinai. “Stop there, you two. You’re right at the boundary of the mountain. Do not touch. Do not cross this line or you will die.”

          Rachel was scared. “Die?”

          “Yes. God told us not to touch the mountain or put a foot on it, or we would die because the mountain is holy. I’m laying out stones so that people can tell where the boundary is. Knowing where the boundary is will keep people safe. They’ll know where to stop, so they don’t accidentally touch the mountain.”

          Eli tagged her shoulder. “You’re IT,” he said.

          Better to be IT than dead.

          The next day, dressed in their clean clothes, all the Israelites gathered around Moses. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and lightning flashed. A trumpet blasted from the sky.

          “What was that?” people cried.

          Rachel trembled. It was very scary.

          “Follow me,” Moses said. He led them closer to the mountain, making sure no one crossed the boundary.

          Rachel looked up. Smoke billowed so thick she could not see the mountain. An earthquake rumbled. The sound of the trumpet grew louder and louder.

          Rachel clutched Mother’s hand. Mother was shaking too. So this was God. She couldn’t actually see Him, but she felt His power. There was no doubt He was real.

          Moses then walked up into the deep darkness on the mountain and disappeared for forty days and forty nights. During that time, God gave him instructions for living life, and He called them the Ten Commandments.   These commands were not only for the Israelites, but for you too. You need to obey them so you will please God. What are they?

1.  You shall have no other gods before me.

          They were to worship only God and nothing else.

2.  You shall not make an idol to worship.

          The people around them worshipped many different idols, but they were only to worship God.

3.  You shall not misuse the name of God.

           Do not say, “Oh my God.”

4.  Rest on the Sabbath day (our Sunday) and keep it holy.

5.  Honor your father and mother so you may live long.

6.  Do not murder or kill anyone.

7.  Do not commit adultery.

          Husband and wives were to keep their wedding promises.

8. Do not steal.

9.  Do not lie.

10. Do not covet or want what other people have.

          The Ten Commandments are our boundaries. They tell us what we can’t do, so we don’t accidentally displease God.

          God knew that none of us could obey His commands perfectly. Only one person could, and that was Jesus. When Jesus lived on earth, He never broke one of God’s laws. Because Jesus never sinned, He was the only one who could take the punishment for our sin. He did this because He loves us.

          In the New Testament, Jesus gave us a new command.


John 13:34- “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

What is the new command?

          Jesus wants us to love one another as much as He loves us.

How can we love others? What are some things that kids like you can do to show love to others? (Discussion.)

          Say kind words

          Listen well.

          Pray for others     

          Help them when they need help.


What are some ways you can show love to Jesus?

          Obey Him

          Read His Word

          Give thanks to Him.

          Sing to Him

We show love to others because Jesus has shown amazing love to us. 

Beth Livingston

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